OPL development pages - AppInfo.opx

OPX for retrieving information about installed applications

What is AppInfo.opx?
AppInfo.opx is an OPL extension library that lets you retrieve information about all the installed applications on your Symbian devices. Features include retrieving the application caption, icons and flags, getting information about files and mime types and retrieving memory information. It is also possible to reboot your device using APPINFO.OPX.

AppInfo.opx is available for the entire Nokia Communicator range (9210, 9210i, 9300, 9500).

Download AppInfo.opx
You can download AppInfo.opx from the Downloads page.

To use APPINFO.OPX, use the following statement at the beginning of your OPL application:


Installing APPINFO.OPX
To install AppInfo.opx, double click on the AppInfoOPX.SIS-file in Windows Explorer or copy it to your device and open it from the FileManager application. After this, copy the AppInfo.oxh file to the \SYSTEM\OPL folder on either drive C: or drive D:

Bugs or improvements
If you find any bugs or have further ideas for improvement, please let me know by sending an email to Arjen Broeze or by posting a message in the OPX and OPM support forum.

Documentation of APPINFO.OPX functions

REM AppInfo.oxh
REM Copyright (c) 2005 Arjen Broeze. All rights reserved.

CONST KUidOpxAppInfo&=&10208348
CONST KOpxAppInfoVersion%=$110

CONST KAppNotEmbeddable%=1
CONST KAppEmbeddable%=2
CONST KAppEmbeddableOnly%=3

CONST KIconTypeIcon%=1
CONST KIconTypeMask%=2
CONST KIconTypeIconAndMask%=3

DECLARE OPX AppInfo,KUidOpxAppInfo&,KOpxAppInfoVersion%

   aiConnect: :1
   aiDisconnect: :2

   aiGetAppList: :3
   aiAppCount%: :4
   aiNextApp%: :5

   aiAppCaption$: :6
   aiAppUid&: :7
   aiAppFullName$: :8

   aiAppEmbeddability%:(aUid&) :9
   aiAppIsHidden%:(aUid&) :10
   aiAppSupportsNewFile%:(aUid&) :11

   aiGetAppIconInformation%:(aUid&) :12
   aiGetAppIconCount%: :13
   aiGetAppIconWidth%:(aIndex%) :14
   aiGetAppIconHeight%:(aIndex%) :15
   aiGetAppIconBySize:(aWidth%,aHeight%,aBitmapId%,aLeft%,aTop%,aType%) :16
   aiGetAppIconByIndex:(aIndex%,aBitmapId%,aLeft%,aTop%,aType%) :17

   aiGetMimeTypeName$:(aFileName$) :18
   aiGetMimeTypeUid&:(aFileName$) :19
   aiAppUidForMimeType&:(aMimeName$,aMimeUid&) :21
   aiAppUidForDocument&:(aFileName$) :20
   aiFileIsProgram%:(aFileName$) :22

   aiGetThreadRamSizes:(aThreadId&,BYREF aHeapSize&,BYREF aStackSize&) :23
   aiGetFreeRam&: :24
   aiCompressHeaps&: :25
   aiRebootMachine: :26
   aiThreadExists%:(aThreadId&) :27