OPL development pages - CEDict 9200

Chinese-English dictionary (freeware)

What is CEDict 9200?
CEDict 9200 is a freeware Chinese - English - Chinese dictionary. CEDict 9200 uses the CEDict free online dictionary available at http://www.mandarintools.com/cedict. CEDict 9200 displays English, Chinese and Pinyin. You do NOT need Chinese support installed on your communicator to use this program. CEDict uses small bitmaps to display the Chinese characters. CEDict 9200 is written in OPL and utilizes the OPL runtime which is installed together with the program. To install CEDict simply double-click on the CEDict9200.sis file in the installation package.

Beta software
This is the second public beta version of CEDict. Use at your own risk. If you come across any bugs or have suggestions for improvement, please notify me at the email adres below.

Important note
The first release of CEDict9200 has an error in the installation package which prevented the Chinese characters from displaying. If you downloaded CEDict9200 before June 15, 2004, please download the file again, un-install the previous version of CEDict920 and reinstall with the SIS file in the current zip file. The latest version of CEDict9200 is contained in CEDict9200.zip, dated June 15, 22:00, size 1085598 bytes.

Download CEDict 9200
You can download CEDict 9200 from the Downloads page.

Bugs or improvements
If you find any bugs or have further ideas for improvement, please let me know by sending an email to Arjen Broeze or by posting a message in the CEDict support forum.