OPL development pages - CombineMBM

Combine multiple bitmaps in one MBM file (freeware)

What is CombineMBM?
With CombineMBM you can combine several EPOC bitmap files into one MBM file. CombineMBM is mainly aimed at developers who want to create MBM files on the device itself rather than having to use the BMCONV utility from the SDK.

How to use
CombineMBM is easy to use. The program maintains a list with bitmaps which will be used to create a combined MBM file. You can add any valid EPOC MBM file to the list. If the MBM file to add contains more than one bitmap, a preview dialog allows you to choose which bitmap(s) to add. When you're satisfied with the selected bitmaps, pressing the "Save MBM" button will create an EPOC MBM file with all the bitmaps specified in the list.
CombineMBM saves the project automatically, making it easy to regenerate the combined MBM after you make changes to the source bitmaps.

Download CombineMBM
You can download CombineMBM 1.0 from the Downloads page.

Bugs or improvements
If you find any bugs or have further ideas for improvement, please let me know by sending an email to Arjen Broeze or by posting a message in the CombineMBM support forum.