OPL development pages - Celltrack Free

Determine your location based on GSM information (freeware)

What is CTrackFree?
CTrackFree is a very basic OPL wrapper around the CellTrack.opx included in the OPL developers package. Major reason for writing this small application was to demonstrate the possibilities of the CellTrack.opx.

How to use
CTrackFree gets the information from GSM antennas and allows you to switch the profile of your Communicator based on this information (for example to switch to 'Silent' as soon as you enter your office or switch to 'Airplane' in a hospital or at an airport). Features include:

CTrackFree currently only works on the Nokia 9200 series Communicators, since the CellTrack opx doesn't work on the 9300 and 9500 series. As soon as a new version of CellTrack.opx is released that supports these platforms, I'll port the application so it can run on the new Communicators as well.

Download CTrackFree
Since the main purpose of CTrackFree was to demonstrate the possibilities CellTrack.opx, the source code of CTrackFree is made available on the Downloads page.