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Create stunning diashows from your images (freeware)

What is Diashow?
Diashow is an application for your Nokia 9300(i)/9500 Communicator that allows you to create diashows of your favorite images. Specify an unlimited amount of images to be shown (with or without a caption of your choice) and display them for a certain (customizable) amount of time, immediately or by using one of the 70 transition effects. Diashow also allows you to create very compact standalone diashow files which can be distributed to others without the need of including the original images (they only need the Diashow application installed on their Communicators).

Before you install Diashow, please read the installation instructions in the file "INSTALL.TXT" in the installation package.

Diashow is freeware. That means that you never have to pay a dime for using it. If someone charged you money for this package, please let us know and also make sure that you get a full refund from the person who made you pay for this free program.

What is this West Fearie Journal?
The West Faerie Journal is the daily newspaper of the western part of Faerie :-). It is also a code which, if deciphered, shows you who is responsible for the creation of this application. If you're really stuck deciphering the code, try typing some (of the) text in the application's about box.

Even though we spent a lot of time ironing out the bugs and tried extremely hard to make sure that your valuable data is safe, we cannot guarantee that the program is bug free. It may sound harsh, but we assume no liability whatsoever for any errors in this application, not even if you can prove that the software is the cause of, for example, the eradication of all data on your MMC-card (which, as stated before, is highly unlikely, but we want to mention it here for completeness sake anyway). If you don't agree to this, the only remedy is not to install the application.

Download Diashow
You can download Diashow from the Downloads page or directly from PdaNet.ch.

More information
You can find a very extensive Diashow special page on PdaNet.ch. It's in German, but with Google translate the page becomes very readable.
You can also download a standalone Diashow tutorial (1.1Mb) file. To play the tutorial, simply copy the file to your Communicator and open it with Diashow.

Bugs or improvements
If you find any bugs or have further ideas for improvement, please let us know by sending an email to Arjen Broeze or Ueli Dauwalder or by posting a message in the Diashow support forum.

Diashow change history

Changes in version 1.10:

Bugs fixed: Version 1.0: