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Icon Editor (freeware)

What is IconEdit?
IconEdit is a freeware Icon creator/editor for Nokia Communicators 9200/9300/9500 aimed at programmers who would like to create icons for their programs on the device rather than using the BMCONV utility from the SDK. IconEdit was written in OPL (the source code is available on request - drop me an email if you want to have it). For IconEdit to run, you need the latest OPL runtime for your Communicator installed, which you can download at http://opl-dev.sourceforge.net/. For your convenience, the latest OPL runtimes for Nokia 9200 and Nokia 9500 are included in the ZIP file. If you already have the latest runtime installed you can download the SIS file only which is significantly smaller.

How to use
IconEdit can create icons for Crystal (Communicator) and Quartz (P800/900). If you select 'New' from the 'File' menu you are prompted which kind of icon to create.
IconEdit supports all major drawing functions (pixel, line, box, circle/ellipse, text), as well as the normal clipboard functions (copy, paste also to and from files). By pressing the Help-Command button or the Help-key, context sensitive help about the current selected function is displayed.

When you save an icon, two files are being saved: one file contains the IconEdit project (no extension), the other file contains the created icons (extension .ico). The .ico file is an MBM-file with four icons in it (large and small, icon and mask). To use this icon in your project, specify the name between the APP .. ENDA construct in your OPL application, eg.

APP IconEdit,KUIDApplication&
ICON "IconEdit.ico" REM this is the .ico file generated by IconEdit.

Download IconEdit
You can download IconEdit 1.0 from the Downloads page.

Bugs or improvements
If you find any bugs or have further ideas for improvement, please let me know by sending an email to Arjen Broeze or by posting a message in the IconEdit support forum.