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Easily manage all applications, files, URLs, passwords, notes etc (freeware)

What is iDesk?
iDesk is a small but extremely powerful application that allows you to organize all your files, folders and URLs in an easy folder structure for quick access.
iDesk also provides customizable hotkeys for every internal function, application, file or folder, and contains a built-in task manager, task switcher, password manager (passwords are encrypted using the RC4 encryption algorithm) and note taker, making it the ideal all round tool to get the most out of your Communicator.

Important note
Before you install iDesk, please read the installation instructions in the file "INSTALL.TXT" in the installation package.

Download iDesk
You can download iDesk from the Downloads page.

Make a donation
If you really like iDesk, please consider making a donation by clicking on one of the buttons below. Please note that if you are from the European Union and want to donate through SWREG, you will be charged an additional 17.5% VAT. This is an EU regulation that SWREG is handling automatic. To avoid this, please use PayPal instead.
I am grateful for any donation and the amount of your donation is of course totally up to you. If you make a donation through SWREG the default donation amount is 5 Euro. You can donate more by increasing the value in the Quantity field.

Plans for next releases:

Bugs or improvements
If you find any bugs or have further ideas for improvement, please let me know by sending an email to Arjen Broeze or by posting a message in the iDesk support forum.

iDesk change history

Changes in version 1.46:

* For more information about Mobile Search, please visit http://www.mobile-search.de.

Bugs fixed:

Changes in version 1.45: Bugs fixed: Version 1.42 (official release): Version 1.41 (build 0013 - beta release) Version 1.40 (build 0013 - beta release) Bugs fixed: Version 1.33 (official release): Version 1.32 (official release): Version 1.31 (released as prerelease to very limited audience only): Version 1.3 (internal version - never released): Version 1.22 (official release): Version 1.21 (released as beta only): Version 1.1: Version 1.1: