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2007-05-31 - New download system installed
Instead of the single page with all the downloads (which took forever to load due to the fact that every download was stored separately), I've now switched to a category based download system, where you can download all my OPL programs and OPX's.
Note that there are two sections. One with all downloads for the Nokia 92xx range of Communicators and one with all downloads for the Nokia 9300/9500 Communicators. Please make sure that you download files from the correct section. Some of the applications from the Nokia 92xx section may also work on Nokia 9300/9500 devices, but this is not guaranteed.
You can find the new download system here.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2007-05-18 - Future of iDesk
After the last post about FileNote I got some concerned emails if this means that I stopped all development activities on iDesk and whether I meant to that you should use FileNote instead of iDesk.
The answer to both questions is no. I think you should use FileNote as a replacement of the built in file manager. Development of iDesk will continue. You can read all about it here.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2007-05-17 - Must have file manager with Macro5 support -> FileNote
Edo Vucurovic already released his excellent file manager application FileNote some time ago, but the reason it's in the news here is that the latest version now also comes with (almost) full support for Macro5 macros (and all that without the use of non-standard OPX's).
Macro5 support was one of the features I had planned for iDesk as well, but since Edo's FileNote is something I consider a must have application for every Communicator, I will not implement this in iDesk anymore.
Instead, if you haven't installed it already, I recommend you download FileNote and see for yourself why you should never have to use the built-in FileManager application anymore. For more information about FileNote, read the review or download the application from i-Symbian or join the FileNote group on Yahoo.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2007-05-17 - dpNotes back online
Martin Harnevie (www.f2m.com.my) is the author of dpNotes, a collection of extremely useful programming tips and tricks for OPL programmers. Formerly these notes where hosted on the www.dp.com.my, but since that site is not a dedicated OPL website, Martin asked me to host the dpNotes on my site, which of course I'm happy to do. You can find the dpNotes here.
Thanks Martin!
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2007-03-19 - EasyCrypt released
EasyCrypt is yet another application that allows you to encrypt all your sensitive files. The thing that makes EasyCrypt different from the alternatives is it can use the internal RAM disk on the Communicator for decrypting the files, ensuring no left-over unencrypted copies should your Communicator reboot. More information on EasyCrypt can be found on the EasyCrypt page.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2006-09-12 - Lost all my emails - please resend
After returning to the Netherlands, I delivered my laptop to the IT department for an overhaul. I knew the whole harddisk would be formatted, but since I create regular backups, I thought this would be no problem.
Unfortunately, the last backup I made is corrupt and I have lost all the emails that were sent to me since the beginning of August. So, if you have sent me an email after August 1st and didn't receive an answer yet, please send me your email again and I'll try to answer it as soon as possible. My apologies for the inconvenience.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2006-08-31 - Moving back to the Netherlands
After 2 1/2 years living and working in China, we're moving back to the Netherlands on Monday, September 4th. The last weeks have been a chaos at work and at home, trying to sort out the stuff we want to bring, packing everything up, doing last minute shopping etc, so I haven't been able to answer all my mail yet.
Today we're moving into a hotel without an internet connection and back home it will also take a couple of days before I have an internet connection again. That means I will only be able to sporadically answer my mails or answer posts in the forums over the next 10 days. I will answer all my mails when I'm back in Holland.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2006-08-27 - New release: Hangman game
Hangman is a classic game in which you have to guess a word. With every mistake a gallows is built. The game is over when you guess the word or when you're dangling from the gallows. Hangman features customizable dictionaries, 5 difficultly levels and sound. You can download it from the downloads page.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2006-08-03 - Added PHP download page and CuteNews news engine
Since I am a little curious how many times my applications, tools and utilities are downloaded, the download page is now a PHP page that displays the size of the file to download and keeps track of the number of downloads. If you want to link to a file on this site, please copy a link from the download page and use that same link on your page as well.
Another change is that the main page is now generated by CuteNews, which makes it a lot easier to maintain the front page of the site. If you have comments or suggestions, you can now also post a comment to each news item.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
2006-07-25 - Move to new domain completed and support forum added
From now on, these pages are available on a new dedicated domain (http://opldev.broeze.eu). All files have been moved to a new server which promises greater availability and faster response times. I've also added a support forum where you can can get in contact with me about the stuff on this website or about OPL programming in general.
All pages have been updated, but the major change is that the news is now always shown on the main page, so you can immediately see what's new.
Posted by Arjen Broeze
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