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Welcome to my Nokia Communicator OPL development pages. Below you'll find an overview of all the news related to OPL and this site. To jump directly to a specific page, select it from the list on the left side of the screen.

Must have file manager with Macro5 support -> FileNote
Edo Vucurovic already released his excellent file manager application FileNote some time ago, but the reason it's in the news here is that the latest version now also comes with (almost) full support for Macro5 macros (and all that without the use of non-standard OPX's).
Macro5 support was one of the features I had planned for iDesk as well, but since Edo's FileNote is something I consider a must have application for every Communicator, I will not implement this in iDesk anymore.
Instead, if you haven't installed it already, I recommend you download FileNote and see for yourself why you should never have to use the built-in FileManager application anymore. For more information about FileNote, read the review or download the application from i-Symbian or join the FileNote group on Yahoo.
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