OPL development pages for Nokia Communicators

Welcome to my Nokia Communicator OPL development pages. Below you'll find an overview of all the news related to OPL and this site. To jump directly to a specific page, select it from the list on the left side of the screen.

Added PHP download page and CuteNews news engine
Since I am a little curious how many times my applications, tools and utilities are downloaded, the download page is now a PHP page that displays the size of the file to download and keeps track of the number of downloads. If you want to link to a file on this site, please copy a link from the download page and use that same link on your page as well.
Another change is that the main page is now generated by CuteNews, which makes it a lot easier to maintain the front page of the site. If you have comments or suggestions, you can now also post a comment to each news item.
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