OPL development pages - S80MobInfo.opx

OPX for retrieving IMEI, IMSI and GSM Cell id (freeware)

What is S80MobInfo.opx?
S80MobInfo.opx is an OPL extension library for retrieving IMEI, IMSI and GSM location information. S80MobInfo is a wrapper around the freeware MOBINFO.DLL by Symbian. S80MobInfo.opx is available for the Nokia Communicators 9300, 9300i and 9500.

Download S80MobInfo.opx
You can download S80MobInfo.opx from the Downloads page.

The installation file for S80MobInfo.opx automatically installs the Nokia version of the MobInfo.dll from Symbian. You don't need to install this seperately.

Known issues

Bugs or improvements
If you find any bugs or have further ideas for improvement, please let me know by sending an email to Arjen Broeze or by posting a message in the OPX and OPM support forum.